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How to Be an Awesome Writer & Totally Kick Butt

I had the great pleasure of participating in LitFest this year by putting on a creative writing class for teens. Those young writers were absolutely stupendous and I had a fantastic time. Here’s the presentation I made for that class.

I used Canva to make many of the quotes I share here
I used this source and Google image searches


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Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is a show that has long been touted as decent tv with lots of smart, literary references. There’s even a reading challenge based on the books in the show. I never got around to watching it the first time, so when they came out with a follow-up show I figured I’d give it a shot. Coming from a background of watching Supernatural, imagine my suprise when Sam introduces himself as Dean.

I'm Dean


I’m about half through the first season and I’m enjoying it. I think if I had a teen daughter I’d feel comfortable watching it together as one of those wholesome mother/daughter-y type family shows.

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Minimalism & Happiness

7tinystepsIn the age of body dsyphoria, try to capture and celebrate any moments you can of body euphoria. Thank you, body, for being what I need, for getting me where I need to go, for housing my experiences and thoughts. Have you ever felt like this?

Who wants to play a minimalist game? Anybody brave enough to do this with me? I’m thinking I could use this framework to get through edits on manuscripts I’ve been neglecting and recycle the pages I’ve reviewed.

It’s not what we buy, it’s whyAnd: can you define your dream wardrobe style in just three words? Mine might include words like: colorful/bright, movement/flow, pockets, happy, easy to modify ie “convertible,” and maybe flowers…

Minimalism starter kit

You know my eyes were drawn to the rainbow design, but this was super interesting!

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Update in Pictures, Pt I

happy cutie studioJan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May


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Grant, Rowell, Adler-Olsen, Hamilton

Mermaids, lesbians, wholesale slaughter? How could I turn down a peek into Mira Grant’s Into the Drowning Deep. It was a smart, fast vivid vivisection of this mythic legend’s oft neglected scientific underbelly!

Continuing with the gay theme, Carry On by Rainbow Rowell is the Potter / Draco fanfic we absolutely knew we needed! But that’s not all it is, because Rowell has her own magical story to tell, too.

I’m continuing my way through Jussi Adler-Olsen‘s series, Department Q, and I’m currently on book 5 of 7. I was startled to realized this series is kept under “mystery” at my local library since I’ve always thought of it as “crime drama,” but I guess that’s just a subcategory!

Another series I’ve been working on is the Laurell K. Hamilton Anita Blake series. I’m on book three but have been for ages and haven’t really been reading at all lately. What’s going on up there, Brain? But I’ve been up to a lot else, so I guess I’ll give myself some slack.

What are you reading? How’s your summer been?
Much Love,

P. S. 50 Book Pledge has a new look!


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Slow reading, Hamilton, and Adler-Olsen

It’s been a very slow reading year for me and I can’t say that I’m sorry. There’s just been too much else going on, including really digging into my writing. If I do a major reading challenge every other year or so I cut myself some slack on the off years. One challenge I set for myself was to go an entire year without purchasing books for myself so I’d actually read the books I own and haven’t read yet. (Of course I still buy books as gifts for people, don’t be silly.)

One series off my to-read shelf is the Laurell K. Hamilton Anita Blake series. There are 28 books in that series currently, including novellas. Since I like to have an audiobook series playing when I’m driving, I also started in on Jussi Adler-Olsen and the Department Q series. In addition to the seven books that are out/translated so far, the first three stories have also been adapted into films available on Netflix.

I’ve so far read the first two Hamilton/Blake books, the first three Adler-Olsen/Dept Q books, and watched the first two movies. They’ve all been well written and entertaining. My only complaint might be that there was a different voice actor for each audiobook, but that may be a common style choice I’m just not used to, spoiled as I am by James Marsters/Jim Butcher/Harry Dresden.

While in previous years I might’ve captured several quotes from each volume, I only managed to have the wherewithal to collect these four quotes from volume 2 of Adler-Olsen’s. Enjoy.



He was in the midst of a Led Zeppelin orgy while splattering soldiers on his Nintendo as his zombie girlfriend sat on the bed texting her hunger for contact to the rest of the world.


“Even though you’re a total asshole, know that you wouldn’t be the worst to have back if you chose to return after your leave of absence.”

The tired man looked at Karl surprised, or maybe the right word was overwhelmed. Burg Back’s microscopic emotional displays were difficult to interpret.

“You’ve never been especially kind, Karl,” he said, shaking his head, “but I guess you’re all right.”

For the two men this was a shocking orgy of compliments.


Suddenly she radiated a peacefulness Carl didn’t understand… A sense of release sent her spinning around and around, embracing the corpse in a dance without steps that seemed to make her levitate.



Then he breathed deeply, punched in the next number, and waited year-long seconds before Mona Ibsen answered.