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Writing All Year with J. Jobe

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This group began as a Nanowrimo writing group and has expanded into a year-round writing workshop group. If you would like to submit work to be workshopped by other writers and help workshop the work of others, you are welcome here.

“Writing All Year” is an ongoing series of adult programming for creative writers who wish to gather online to discuss their works in progress. This group is comprised of silly/funny/useful memes and shares on Facebook and regular virtual programming on Zoom through the CALS Writing Circle. We submit work on first and third weekends. We talk about the work on second and fourth weekends, 12pm-2pm. This course is led by J. Jobe and is free and open to the public. All are welcome.

Suggestions for submitting:

Submit pieces as Microsoft Word or Google Docs
Label your piece with page numbers, your name, and the genre of the piece
No one is required to read anything they don’t want to, anyone can “pass,” no questions asked
No one is required to do line edits but if you want to, feel free, I like to use the “track changes” feature
Authors, you’re totally okay to tell us what kind of feedback you’re looking for!
We submit pieces using a shared Google drive, email me for the link

Suggestions for workshopping:

The purpose of this group is to provide an encouraging environment of feedback for writers of all levels and abilities. This is a safe space and the only rule is: don’t be mean. We are not competing with each other. We are lifting each other up. Let’s keep writers excited about writing and improving all year long. Writers of all levels and abilities can provide insight to each other and we can all grow together.

When crafting your critique please keep in mind your singular objective: to improve the work with kindness and compassion.

When giving a critique, consider using one of the following basic structures for your comments:

The Bad Sandwich: start with nice/encouraging/things done right/liked. Continue with suggestions for improvement/needs work/possible edits. Finish with nice/encouraging/things done right/liked.


3 and 3: List 3 nice/encouraging/things done right/liked. List 3 suggestions for improvement/needs work/possible edits.

Thank you!

Last Updated October 27, 2022