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Nanowrimo 2017 in Review

So. How did your Nanowrimo turn out this year? Did it feel easier or harder than previous years? Did you develop any new habits that helped or hindered? Did you meet, fall short of, or exceed your expectations? My worst habit this year was waiting until the last minute to do a daily entry, making it hard to stay awake long enough to write even 100 words (which I’d set as a personal goal based on previous years’ experience). Hence my advice for my future self is: write your 100 words in the morning!

more mem
I won! I did “memoir” this year, so daily entries were sometimes deep reflections, sometimes vomit journaling.
words and such
Here’s what my chart looked like. I averaged slightly above the daily req. I started ahead for the first three days but lost my lead until the All Day Write-a-Thon on Sat 11/18. Then I stayed ahead ’til the end.
Here are all the badges. I couldn’t bear to not get the “wrote everyday” so I fudged a little. One day I counted a wordy Instagram post, and two days I counted Google searches. Desperation ftw! Below are some lifetime stats (left) and fun detalia (right).
I made this in Microsoft Excel. Isn’t it beautiful?

streaksIf you love tracking devices (I’m also addicted to the Wii Fit, yes, after all these years) you will absolute adore the way that Nano keeps all the information you give it and turns it into something truly magical.

So, now that Nano is over, we return to being lost in a sea of—no, wait! Did you know that Nanowrimo now offers GOAL TRACKERS and they’re available YEAR ROUND!?!?!?! That’s right. So get started on your next project, whatever it is, and keep using these great tracking tools for all your dreams come true (and for great justice). I’m going into editing mode for December so I set up a goal tracker based on hours instead of word count. I gave myself a goal of 0.5 hours/day. Wish me luck! Let’s do great things together, Writers!goaltrackersgoalzzz


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Nano Real Talk, Calendars, and Memes

Nanowrimo is a time of solemn peace and reflection… Hah! Just kidding. It’s chaotic, and nerve-wracking, and completely insane! I’ve written about preparing before (in 2016, 2015 here and here, 2014 here and here…) so this time I’m just going to say: do it. You’ll be glad and proud you did. It is 1,000% worth it.

Oh, and take it from me.

The thing I wish I’d done differently was kept up more consistency with writing every single day. After a long night in class or at work, I often felt the idea of writing one or two thousand words would just be too tough. In retrospect I wish I had told myself it would be okay to write just 500 words… Maybe even just 100 words on those days.


My proudest achievement this year was writing every single day, even if it was just 100-200 words on my phone. In previous years I allowed myself skip days and that really put the pressure on. But I found this year that I was motivated by the idea of checking in every single day for that badge at the end with 30 check-ins!

Here are the calendars I made for you:

Nanowrimo Old-Timey 2017

Nanowrimo Rainbow Cuteness Overload 2017

Here is a totally kickass thing I borrowed from a totally kickass blog NOW NOVEL so go to it and check out the awesome right now!!!


And last but definitely not least, I found this:


Which inspired me to create these: (i love you. you’re welcome.)

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Intention Inspired & Camp Nanowrimo

So I stumbled onto two very cool somethings basically by accident. The first was a site called Intention Inspired. There’s a book you can get (Kindle or paper). There’s an online group you can join, and they’ve been the most supportive group of strangers I’ve ever had the pleasure to encounter! But what it’s really about is making a promise to yourself and keeping it.

Intention Inspired.png

I decided I wanted to write consecutively for 30 days. I signed up, and the daily guides started coming in, but I realized I wasn’t ready yet. I place a lot of value into rituals of preparation, and I wanted to give myself my best chance to succeed. So I saved the emails in a folder until it felt like the right time. It took me about a month, from May to June. Then I began reading the daily emails.

I’ve crafted some little hints below which I hope will make you curious to give it a try. I didn’t want to be too cryptic but I didn’t want to give it all away, either. It’s best to experience it for yourself (and they aren’t my secrets to tell).

Camp Nano.png

The second tool I stumbled across was Camp Nanowrimo. If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you know I’m a huge fan and proponent of the regular Nanowrimo, which takes place in November each year. I do my little donation to earn my halo, I buy myself prizes from the merch store, and I teach classes on how awesome Nano is and how everyone should give it a try. Basically Nano is something that I really believe in, and want to give my full support.

But I’d never tried a Camp Nano before. They take place in April and July, and I realized that I was nearing July. Camp Nano is organized by “cabins,” which is essentially you and a group of your writer friends with a message board forum and a page where all your projects are grouped. I happen to have a beta reader group, where we share and critique each other’s work, which I’d never had outside of school before. Regular Nano has a set goal, zero to 50k words in one month. But Camp Nano is completely personalized. Since I was writing and editing, I didn’t much mind how my word count went so long as I was putting in the time.

It felt like the perfect convergence, so I decided to give both tools a try at the same time! Below are my successes and failures, and what I learned from the experience.IMG_6284

[began Intention Inspired]

6/22 day 0 – prep / successfully wrote 
I did my first night of writing in a while, determined to start strong and start counting officially the next day. I read the email for day 1 so I could be thinking about it.

6/23 day 1 – object / successfully wrote
6/24 day 2 – announcement / successfully wrote
6/25 day 3 – ask a friend for help / successfully wrote
6/26 day 4 – meditation / successfully wrote
6/27 day 5 – inner voice / successfully wrote
6/28 day 6 – goals / successfully wrote
6/29 day 7 – hero! / successfully wrote
6/30 day 8 – help a friend / did not write

[began Camp Nano – starting word count 6,831] IMG_6533

7/1 day 9 – perfectly imperfect / successfully wrote (7,989)
7/2 day 10 – why / did not write
7/3 day 11 – compassionate / successfully wrote (8,834)
7/4 day 12 – say no to distractions / did not write
7/5 day 13 – micro goals / did not write
facebook group


My parents came to visit, I got distracted, and I got discouraged. The longer I went without writing the harder it felt to go back. These are all perfectly normal behaviors! I ended up having to start over, but guess what. That’s one of the greatest aspects of Intention Inspired (and life). You can start over or repeat your commitment to yourself as many times as you want to.

7/21 day 1 / successfully wrote (9,040)
7/22 day 2 / successfully wrote (9,269)
7/23 day 3 / successfully wrote (9,458)
7/24 day 4 / successfully wrote (9,833)
7/25 day 5 / successfully wrote (10,312)
7/26 day 6 / did not write
7/27 day 7 / did not write
7/28 day 8 / did not write
7/29 day 9 / did not write
7/30 day 10 / did not write
7/31 day 11 / successfully wrote
8/1 day 12 / successfully wrote

This time I hurt my knee, and I focused on reading instead of writing. I’m thinking all of life is just a series of starts and stops and starting overs, and I think I’m okay with that.  ~Jobe

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Nano 2016 Review

So what was tough, what was awesome, what surprised you? My proudest achievement this year was writing every single day, even if it was just 100-200 words on my phone. In previous years I allowed myself skip days and that really put the pressure on. But I found this year that I was motivated by the idea of checking in every single day for that badge at the end with 30 check-ins! The most fun was the all-day write-a-thon at Moore Art Supplies and More. What a great environment, to be surrounded by fellow writers and a surfeit of snacks! Participating this year also helped me realize how much I really need and want a local group, so I’m determined to get that up and running soon.

Hope your nanowrimo was spectacular.