8 of Pentacles

This is the second year I have chosen a tarot card for the year. Last year my card was 7 of Pentacles, and it made good sense that 8 of Pentacles should follow (not all the cards flow this way).

For a very truncated version of card meanings, I’ll pull from astrology.com. “The Seven of Pentacles is one of the minor arcana cards that represents patience, diligence, and hard work… [it] is a reminder… to be patient and… continue working.” The 7 of Pentacles is about hard work and faith. “Have faith that [your] efforts will bear fruit in the future.” Each year I try to find new ways to dig deeper into my writing practice and rededicate myself to it. Each year I think, maybe this will be the year.

Here’s how I see it these days: I will never be the author who puts out several books a year, or even a single book each year. Like Harper Lee, I like to think I’ll be the kind of author who puts out one or two really good books in their lifetime. And I’m comfortable with that. I’m a slow, plodding, perfectionist and where my writing is concerned, I err on the side of caution.

In this case, it flows naturally that the card after 7 is 8. “The Eight of Pentacles is another minor arcana card that represents hard work and determination… It signifies that the person is in a period of intense concentration and focusing their energy on mastering a skill… [It] is a reminder… to remain focused on their goals and work hard to achieve them.”

I’m working on the book until it’s done. However long that takes. I want to dissolve into this work with complete flow and dedication. Whatever it takes. And I want to feel like I’m prioritizing it the way it deserves, which I never seem to do adequately enough to satisfy my high standards.

“Together, the Seven of Pentacles and Eight of Pentacles tarot card combination is a reminder that success is achieved through hard work and patience. The querent needs to remain focused on their goal and be willing to put in the effort required to achieve it. This combination is a sign that success is within reach, and the querent needs to keep working hard to achieve it.”

I believe it, I receive it, and I will continue my hard work.