J. Jobe


she / her / hers

J. Jobe “The Rainbows Herself” is a vivacious exultant of color, sound, and movement. She leads Guillermo's Poetry Night and celebrates alma maters Knox College and University of Central Arkansas.

Jobe’s words have appeared in Arkansas LGBTQ+ publication The READ, the Arkansas Review as a reviewer, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette as an opinionated letter-writer, the Toad Suck Review as an interviewer and reviewer, the Encyclopedia of Arkansas (here, here, herehere, & here) Kansas City art magazine Review Inc., and lit mag Catch.


Jobe’s visual art has been featured in Demarkation: Illustrated Narrative Exhibit, The Bookstore at Library Square, and Moore Art Supplies & More. Her voice can sometimes be heard on the RadioCALS podcast.

Jobe has taught regular writing workshops since 2014 through the Central Arkansas Library System. She is currently teaching the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.

Jobe is “out” as pansexual polyamorous and lives in a rowdy house full of laughter, love, and light.

Last Updated June 23, 2020