The Geek’s Guide to the Writing Life by Stephanie Vanderslice

Stephanie Vanderslice has always been spectacular, but this time she’s really outdone herself. If you like books about the writing life (and honestly, who doesn’t?) get ready to fall in love with this book. Stephanie gives us insider tips, treats us like friends, explains the mysterious process of submission (that amorphous time after they said yes but before your book hits the shelves). She talks about literary citizenship and platform and tribe, and how our mindset really ought to be “us,” not “me vs you” or “me vs them.” Reading these pages you feel the growing certainty that what you’re doing matters, intrinsically, and this author is absolutely cheering you on in your successes and, in spirit, ready to hand you the kleenex and ice cream through the tears. Stephanie is one of those rare writers (teachers, mothers, humans) who is truly good to the core! She genuinely cares, and that’s what makes her words so special to hear.


December 2018

December has arrived. How did your Nanowrimo go? How many books did you read this year? How did your word of the year go? Have you thought about what to select for your next one? The last month of the year is all about reflection, summary, arranging the narrative in a way that makes sense. And thinking about goals for the year to come. What do you want to accomplish in 2019? How did your goals for 2018 go, what were your roadblocks, what were things that worked well?

I didn’t win Nano this year, and I have mixed feelings about it. I’m glad for the writing I accomplished and disappointed in myself that I didn’t work harder to meet my goal. I’ve completed 25 books as of now and may finish a few more because I can sometimes listen to audiobooks at work. I think despite all the ups and downs inherent in a year, my word (phrase) of the year “get up and go” went pretty well. I’ve been thinking about selections for the upcoming but I’m not quite ready to share.

My writing has been through good and bad patches. Journalling seems to be what I’m drawn to most naturally so I’ve tried to accomodate that natural instinct. I’ve met with my awesome writing group countless times to great effect, and attended several write-ins that were great for productivity as well as morale. I kept teaching writing classes and feel good about that. My reading has been slow this year, as intended, to give myself a break from the previous year’s supersonic speeds.

Exercise comes and goes. I get into a great groove and then it falls apart, and I don’t realize until long after I’ve stopped. Then at some point I start again. I’m not sure how to fix this. My cleaning is at an all-time high for the year, following my family’s visit for Thanksgiving, and my laundry is at an all-time low. I’m certain I’ve increased the number of rainbows in The House of Rainbows. I hope your year has treated you kindly, and you have accomplishments you can feel good about.

Much Love,

books read

Wednesday Readers w Jobe

Welcome to Banned Books Week here in Little Rock, AR. I thought it’d be fun to compile a collage for great banned books I’ve read and another for great banned books I haven’t gotten around to reading yet! Since Banned Books Week has been celebrated nationwide for 34 years (since 1982), I decided I’d showcase 17 books for each of my 2 categories. Hope your week is fantastic!

Here are a few I have had the great pleasure to have read:


And here are 17 more I’m embarrassed to admit I haven’t read yet, but definitely want to!

Wednesday Readers w Jobe

Okay, sorry, I know this has nothing to do with reading (necessarily). I just couldn’t resist. ^_^ // Source Two Drunk Ladies


Earthables wanted to make sure we heard about this glorious library, and Goodreads boosted the signal.

If Game of Thrones is your groove, check out this guy’s comparison of the show to the books.


An oldie but a goodie. Source Coffee and a Good Book

Wednesday Readers w Jobe

Just what you always secretly longed for, a website that takes your to-be-read list seriously…well, mainly it just tells you how many years it will take you to read them all. Thanks to Read it Forward, also on Facebook. (I couldn’t get it to work at first but I figured out that you have to change all the fields before you can calculate, even if your answers match their presets.)

Source The Reading Room
Source Goodwill Librarian
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