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Wednesday Readers w Jobe

Just what you always secretly longed for, a website that takes your to-be-read list seriously…well, mainly it just tells you how many years it will take you to read them all. Thanks to Read it Forward, also on Facebook. (I couldn’t get it to work at first but I figured out that you have to change all the fields before you can calculate, even if your answers match their presets.)

Source The Reading Room
Source Goodwill Librarian
There’s my two cents. Made with Be Happy
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Random Round Up w Jobe

Best selling YA books from Kelly Jensen at Book Riot.

Seven Questions for the Working Writer with Rosalie Knecht, on the blog of Jenna Leigh Evans, shared by Tinhouse.

J. K. Rowling shares her rejection letters in The Reading Room.

Do you love books? Of course you do! Do you need a purse, or do you know a person who needs a purse that you need to buy a gift for? Eeeee, pick this one!!! Thanks, Geeks are Sexy!

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