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Minimalism & Happiness

7tinystepsIn the age of body dsyphoria, try to capture and celebrate any moments you can of body euphoria. Thank you, body, for being what I need, for getting me where I need to go, for housing my experiences and thoughts. Have you ever felt like this?

Who wants to play a minimalist game? Anybody brave enough to do this with me? I’m thinking I could use this framework to get through edits on manuscripts I’ve been neglecting and recycle the pages I’ve reviewed.

It’s not what we buy, it’s whyAnd: can you define your dream wardrobe style in just three words? Mine might include words like: colorful/bright, movement/flow, pockets, happy, easy to modify ie “convertible,” and maybe flowers…

Minimalism starter kit

You know my eyes were drawn to the rainbow design, but this was super interesting!

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Random Round Up w Jobe

I love seeing the progression of a thing’s development, and this article and video are too awesome not to share. Thanks Epic Reads!

Are you old enough to remember diagramming sentences? For a visual learner like me, this activity set my brain on fire in the best way. I can just imagine all those happy little synaptic connections forming. I’m sad that it’s fading away, but thanks NPR for the nostalgia.

I am a huge fan of this book series so it’s no surprise to me that Cathy Yardley is at it again with this awesome online resource.

If you’re looking for opportunities for contests and such, Aerogramme Writers’ Studio has you covered for March and April.

Last but not least, this might be helpful for character building, what do you think about what it’s saying, do you agree? Thanks to Nathen for posting about it and The Writer’s Circle for passing it around.535103_10153740817836291_221130954827427889_n


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Best of 2016 from NPR

I adore looking at book covers, which is one of many reasons I prefer 50 Book Pledge to its mainstream counterpart Goodreads (but of course I have accounts with both). NPR put out a “best of” list of books from 2016, and it does not disappoint. You’ll find a multitude of represented genres here, from romance to kid lit. You’ll likely recognize many famous names. Maybe you have even had the pleasure of reading some of these gems.

Included below is my review of Colson Whitehead’s genius work The Underground Railroad: A Novel, first featured on CALS Bibliocommons (a great site, but one which you have to have a library card with Central Arkansas Library System to use):

57a101e3c724f-imageThe Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead uses a premise we’ve likely all imagined: that the underground railroad consists of real trains, deep in the earth, helping slaves to escape their bondage and forge ahead to better lives in the free states. While this elegant metaphor is sustained throughout the novel with a light hand and to poignant affect, there is nothing else fanciful about this book. Whitehead doesn’t turn away from the ugly evils of southern history. We see the cruelty of white slave-owners, the hatred and fear of lynch mobs, the insidious racism of whites who pity blacks for perceived deficiencies. But we are able to bear all this because of the courage and determination of our main character, Cora, who never gives up. We find in her the best of human goodness and a heroine we can be proud to believe in. Woven into and throughout our protagonist’s tale, we spy glimpses of generational narratives in family lines, grandmother to mother to daughter and father to son. In a time when people are treated like things, do we apologize to our children for bringing them into this awful world, or do we continue our lines in defiance of that wickedness, and toil toward, even give our lives, for a better tomorrow? In light of recent violence against people of color, too often resulting in fatalities, this book is extremely well-timed. Whitehead is master writer, and this book should be required reading in high schools nationwide.
J. Jobe (Central Arkansas Library System, Encyclopedia of Arkansas)

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Random Round Up w Jobe

Has anyone tried to freelance full time? I am not envious of this path! But here’s a little laugh to lighten the mood, from Buzzfeed.

Curious about the publishing industry, specifically the work of the book agent? Lauren Sarner interviews industry pro Molly Friedrich: check it out here thanks to Inverse and Stephanie Vanderslice for spreading the word.

Need a pick-me-up? Kristian Wilson on Bustle recommends these 15 books to lift you up when you’re feeling low.

Featured Image from How Life Unfolds.

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Random Round Up w Jobe

Ever wondered what gift to get your favorite writer or reader? Why not try these book themed candles! Frostbeard Studio has a webpage, a Facebook page, and an Etsy store.

Do you stay up at night pondering the mysteries of the universe, like where do all those unwanted copies of 50 Shades of Grey go, and what is done to them? Wonder no longer. Thanks, Jezebel.

Anyone want to work in publishing? Check it out from Chronicle Books.

Looking for some new inspiration? Maybe your solution is the Writer’s Block Tarot deck! Thanks, Kickstarter!

Hope you enjoyed this Random Round Up. The featured image was found searching “roundup” on Google. Cheers!