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2017 – Personal Word of the Year?

You’ve probably heard of the concept of selecting a word for the year, a way to focus your energy on some ultimate goal or feeling or idea. I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I’m digging into the idea of it. Christine Kane wrote a cool blog post about it here, and breezing through the comments is a great way to get ideas of what other people have chosen. I’m going to be attending a Vision Board Class on 12/29 where selecting a word is part of the night (you should totally check it out!) so I wanted to start thinking about it early. Here are some cool quotes and pix to get you going!


Along Abbey Road


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And now for something completely different…

Okay, y’all. I know this is a blog about the reading and writing of books. No one is telling anyone how to or how not to spend their money. If you borrow or trade books with friends, check out at the library, hit up the used book stores, the local bookstores, the big bookstores–that is completely at your discretion. You want cheap pens and notebooks or the crème de la crème? That is so completely up to you.

But if you’re like me, you might occasionally need help reigning it in. So take all this with a pile of salt, and only apply as needed. But since I need help, I thought there might be a few like me out there who could use the help, too.

So here are some ideas for how to get a handle on your spending:

Lifehack has 15 tips, including: cancel catalogs and emails; borrow don’t buy; trade & barter.

Bankrate has a 7 Day Challenge. One financial planner says clients don’t realize how much they’re spending. “I ask them to guesstimate… how much cash they’ll need for a week’s worth of spending. It’s just the day-to-day stuff like gas, groceries, going out for meals. The usual outcome is they’re out of money by Wednesday.” (Ba)zing(a)!

Don’t worry that this HuffPo 10 tips article was posted for Canadian readers. Author Mary Hunt can help us, too! Sales and coupons, I gotchu fam. Make your own cleaning products? Huh! I’ll have to read up on that one.

With a web address like Money Saving Expert Dot Com I’m going to have high expectations. And these promises sound pretty good: “Whether you need scaring or tips, want mantras or help cutting back, this guide and the frightening Demotivator tool will help tackle those spending demons.” Dang! Sadly the demotivator is set to UK £ rather than US $, but you can still get the idea. There’s a Budget tool you can use, too. One good tip here and elsewhere is: Work out what it costs in work time. If you earn $10/hr and you buy a new hardcover from your favorite author for $28, you had to work 3 hours to buy that one book. Not meant to deter necessarily, just put it into perspective. Honestly, guys, this site looks pretty stellar! Tips like “Keep a list of your debts/savings targets in your wallet”! They also suggest only grocery shopping once a month (whoa!) and/or doing grocery shopping online, dang! I’m going to have to look into some of this stuff…

RealSimple is a magazine I love, and currently my only subscription. Their advice is in the form of a call and response, starting with this doozy: Excuse #1: But It’s On Sale — Did you know that stores create fake markdowns on their price tags? Ugh!!! See also, “We love the changing seasons to keep life interesting. But seasons are not a built-in excuse to spend, no matter what the retail and advertising industry would have you believe.” Sound all-too-familiar?

The Business Insider has 35 suggestions, including this one that really sparked me: “Spend your money where you spend your time, and cut the rest. If you’re a runner, you need good shoes, and if you spend a lot of time in the car, you should invest there. This kind of thinking helps you trim the superficial stuff that does not add value to your life.”

My Simpler Life had a lot of really good info, though it doesn’t seem fair to quote all of it here rather than having you click back to the source that deserves the credit. So a few sneak peeks include: “the thrill is in the hunt…try new games”; Read Wall Street Journal’s Can Money Buy You Happiness (though it looks like they requires a subscription or sign-in, the tl;dr is no); carry a wallet buddy; try a web blocker (they suggest this one, and I’ve had good luck with this one); try a 30 day spending fast (needs ok, wants no way); and read frugality blogs–wow, I didn’t even know that was a thing! This one might’ve been my favorite of all the good finds. 

Make Use Of gives just 4 tips, but they’re good ones, like using an app, Excel, or online tool to track savings, spending, and debt. I’ll check out a bunch of apps and do a follow-up post about the ones I liked best.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich: while this particular post is about 10 years old (making reference to the upcoming year 2007), this guy sounds like he really has his shit together. I mean, seriously. I agree with him when he says it isn’t about what you spend your money on (whether you love shoes or bikes) but about the percentages (how much of your money is going toward the fun stuff vs the necessities? What about savings?) And doing some more research on this guy, turns out he is a NYT best-seller named Ramit Sethi (does it rhyme with dammit? inquiring minds!) and he’s super cute. Heh. But yeah, check him out.

Okay, y’all, that’s all from me for today, and I think we can agree it’s more than enough to chew on for a bit.

With utmost love,





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Nano 2016 Review

So what was tough, what was awesome, what surprised you? My proudest achievement this year was writing every single day, even if it was just 100-200 words on my phone. In previous years I allowed myself skip days and that really put the pressure on. But I found this year that I was motivated by the idea of checking in every single day for that badge at the end with 30 check-ins! The most fun was the all-day write-a-thon at Moore Art Supplies and More. What a great environment, to be surrounded by fellow writers and a surfeit of snacks! Participating this year also helped me realize how much I really need and want a local group, so I’m determined to get that up and running soon.

Hope your nanowrimo was spectacular.


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Did you guys know about Wordnik?

cpqnnnrw8aatpdfI almost completely forgot about Wordnik until it came up in conversation today. Similar to online dictionaries it provides the definition to any word you look up, but it additionally gives users the ability to favorite, make lists, even sponsor a word! It also provides current examples of your word in question as it is being used all over the internet right now. So hip! Very wow! Plus there’s a word of the day (always cool), pronunciation sound bytes, images, and more. Check it out. Cheers,


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Reading Challenges w Jobe

Okay you guys, I seriously had no idea this was such a huge deal. I mean, I didn’t know people were signing up and giving out prizes and and and — it’s all over the internet!

Girlxoxo made the Master List #bookbloggers I decided which ones I thought I’d be able to successfully overlap. This is totally insane, but why not! Cheers, Jobe

PopSugar #popsugarreadingchallenge

Book Dragon’s Lair Audiobooks I’m No. 9
Book Dragon’s Lair Pages Read I’m No. 13

My Reader’s Block Colors & Read it again, Sam I’m No. 16 & No. 6
My Reader’s Block TBR Pile I’m No. 32

The YA Book Traveler Rock My TBR I’m No. 13 #ROCKMYTBR

Diverse Reads from Read Sleep Repeat and Chasing Faerytales I’m No. 12 #DiverseReads2017

Book Date Full House I’m No. 11
Book Date Read What You Buy I’m No. 7

The Cutest Blog on the Block Memoirs

The Worm Hole What’s In a Name I’m No. 24 #whatsinaname2017





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Unfettered Friday w Jobe

15492362_1204753166311487_8627315254838536399_nYesterday night I attended a funeral. I wasn’t directly connected to the person who passed; I was there to show my support for my friend who had been close to him. The person who died was only 34, the same age as me. It made me think a lot about time. I’m guilty of always looking toward the future and not always appreciating this moment right here. This death was a reminder to me that healthy or sick, daredevil or coward, no one can predict when and where they’ll breathe their last. So love this moment, and this one, because they’re some of the only ones we get to have. ~Jobe