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Jobe and some Literary Fun

If you’re snowed in and climbing the walls, why not:

Play Book Bingo from Book Riot

Brush up on Conflict
compliments of The Writer’s Circle

Giggle with Weird Al thanks to The Literacy Site

Find Encouragement
with Emm not Emma

Check out this awesome vid on YA Books from Epic Reads

And find out which female literary character are you? from BuzzFeed

In addition, you should always reshare this one

and try to increase Blue while decreasing Red, mmkay?

Love Y’all! Stay safe and warm.

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Jobe’s January Reads

Howdy, y’all! What did you read during the month of January? I read three books:

Dune by Frank Herbert

Since I’m doing the PopSugar 2015 Reading Challenge, this book counts as “a book that became a movie,” “a book with a one-word title,” and “a book set in the future,” but I decided to select it as my “book with more than 500 pages.” This book is classic science fiction.

Nymph by Francesca Lia Block

This book qualifies as “a book of short stories,” “a book you can finish in a day,” and, for me, “a book a friend recommended,” but I counted it as “a book with nonhuman characters,” because it had both a mermaid and a cat girl. This book seemed like literary erotica to me, because it had elements of the magical as well as the real.


Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy

This book qualifies as “a book by a female author” (two, actually), “a nonfiction book,” and, for me, “a book by an author you’ve never read,” but I decided to select the category “a book with antonyms in the title.” This book is a nonfiction work that explores the topic of ethical nonmonogamy.

How did you enjoy your January picks? What have you got lined up for February? Hope you’re loving your ventures into reading as well as writing as often as you can.



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